Static Electricity Killed My Brother's Kanto YU5 Bookshelf Speakers


Dec 26, 2016
In the beginning of February my brother was cleaning his bed. He pulled out the bed coverings as fast as he could. When he did that his Kanto YU5 Speakers were right beside his bed. They started to make a loud noise (crackle/pop/thumping sound) and it kept getting louder. He went to check on it immediately, used both Bluetooth and headphone cable to connect to his phone. It was functioning just fine, until he tried it again next week. The headphone cable no longer works (cannot hear a thing), and with Bluetooth some barely recognizable sounds (popping sounds as well). He won these speakers for free from NCIX awhile ago. Now he is sad that they broke, especially the way on how they broke. Is there a way to fix it? Maybe someway to remove the static electricity? Any help will be appreciated, thank you.

Here is the link to the Kanto YU5 Bookshelf Speakers: []

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