Connecting powered bookshelf speakers to Stereo receiver

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Jan 16, 2015
Hey everyone,

I have a set of Kanto YU5 powered bookshelf speakers and a Yamaha RS300 stereo receiver. The receiver outputs are for speaker wire - meant for passive speakers, I take it. It does have a headphone output jack as well, however.

The YU5 speakers only have optical/bluetooth/RCA/mini aux inputs.

If i connect the YU5 speakers to the receiver via mini aux jack into the headphones jack of the receiver, it should work fine. Just wondering if I'm better off scrapping the powered YU5 speakers and picking up some passive bookshelf speakers for the receiver instead.

Would appreciate any advice. Thanks!
You can connect the powered speakers to the headphone jack or to the Record Outs on the back (the record outs bypass the volume and tone controls). You could also use an adapter like this
connected to the speaker outs but it would give you better sound to use passive speakers. Take some of your music to a local store and listen to different speakers. You really need to hear speakers to decide what you like. It's not only a matter of good or bad but also like choosing between vanilla and chocolate. You have to listen to decide what you like. Even if your budget is modest go to the best shop around. They may have something in your range new or used.
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