Static from studio monitors


Jan 17, 2017
I have the Yamaha HS5s, and they make an extremely annoying static sound when they are plugged in. When I take the jack out of the back of my pc and touch it to other pieces of metal inside of my computer like the hard drive or tubing on the graphics card, it still makes the noise. I used to have a "Y" cable that had an 1/8th inch cable on one end, and an XLR jack on the other two, and it still made the noise when it was plugged in. I think that it might have something to do with the processor, because the sound gets higher pitched when I am rendering videos/audio tracks. I am also using a custom built PC that I built about a year ago, and I have recently taken it apart, taken the dust out, and rebuilt it, but the static problem still persists. Also, the speakers aren't the problem because I am able to plug the jack from my mixer into my phone and laptop, and it doesn't make any static sound.

If you know what might be causing the problem, PLEASE tell me in the comments.
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