stereo speakers hooked up to my PC are too quiet


Jan 13, 2007
I have these speakers that came with my old broken stereo that work just fine, so I hooked them up to my computer. problem is, they're not very loud. I think this is because they are supposed to run on more power than my computer puts out. Is there a way to get them louder w/o buying an amp or receiver?

Thanks for whatever you can provide


Jan 31, 2006
If your running these through the computer rather than a receiver, you're right, the sound card doesn't have the power needed to drive them. You can get a decent stereo receiver for around $100 or less and an decent entry surround, e.g. Onkyo, for about $175. If you don't want to get a receiver, I'd go with a decent set of computer speakers. I have an older set of Creative I Triegues that sound pretty good, although I'm now running the sound card through a reciever
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