Stereo vs no stereo


Dec 2, 2015
Should you only use the stereo setting on your headphones for movies, Or can you also listen to it for music. I'm a noob at listening to music and knowing what is the best settings. When I have stereo off you can hear more voice from the music but everything sounds more behind you but when you have stereo on it sounds like you know in a surround more normal sounding..
There are lots of great music that assumes stereo and moves sounds back and forth between left and right. There is no reason to not use stereo with music.
I suggest whatever sounds better to you.

My TV has a surround hookup but for the most part, everyday TV network broadcast, surround doesn't do anything to me, maybe in a PBS Nature program do they sending me true surround I can enjoy. For TV watching I have set mine for stereo front+rear, using the rear as fillers. In this mode, my receiver does send LFE to the sub if present, and the center is also active. Depends what yours does.