Question Avantre/Anker

Aug 4, 2022
Can I listen to music and take calls with Avantree Road Trip and Anker Soundcore at the same time through a Samsung S9? I can't go through my existing car stereo because my car is a classic and I don't want to install an in-dash system because everything is original. I'd like to have more enhanced sound and not sure whether I can get audio through both devices. I know I can set my phone up to use two different audio functions but am not sure if this will work. Thanks
Normally when a bluetooth device detects a call it pauses the musing playing so music will stop when a call comes in. There are ways to get bluetooth in the car without messing the existing radio, depends on how "classic" your car is. A 1950 car would have quite a different setup from a 1970 or 1980 car. FM transmitter is easier if you don't have aux in but audio quality is not as good.