Still Running XP, need to upgrade, I have a few options, looking for feedback

dark ride

Aug 14, 2012
My office is currently running the tried and true XP, however with the support ending and the software I need no longer supporting XP at the end of this year, I need to upgrade.

My current laptop is a Dell Inspiron 1501. It has an AMD 2.0 Ghz dual core with 2 gb of ram, built in graphics, and 80 or 100 gb hd.

I can either:

A) Upgrade my current laptop to Windows 7.


B) Purchase a new laptop with Windows 7.

I am trying to decide which route to go. The laptop itself, while getting up there in years has shown no signs of throwing in the towel yet. Would this laptop crumble beneath the load of Windows 7? I will most likely replace this laptop within the next 5 years but would rather wait for Windows 9 (assuming it works better than 8) so that I don't have to deal with upgrading again for a long time. Thoughts?

Ethan Carter

Aug 25, 2013
I would go for a good, solid, but lower end spec'd laptop that comes with Windows 7 and sell your your current laptop. Even if Windows 9 is good then Windows 7 will still be very good. But your laptop would be able to handle Windows 7 fine I'd assume