Straight Talk BYOP


Sep 30, 2013
I recently purchased a Verizon Blackberry Z10. I am curious to know how the phone will run off Verizon towers (straight talk rep said all blackberry phones ending with c will run off verizon tower) when the straight talk sim card is AT&T? I am out of a contract and would like to stay out of one, however need to make sure it will run off verizon tower as it has to where I live. I also need to confirm that I will have data, mms and sms, bottom line phone works in all aspects. Any info and knowledge on this is greatly appreciated! Thank you
You already talked to the rep, why not ask them this question? If they said yes, then get it, if it does not work, ask for a refund.
This has some info for you, looks like Verizon BlackBerries will not work. Same info here

A Verizon phone would not work with an AT&T sim card, that I can tell you, it may not even read the card as anything.