Straight Talk Question - Why is it that when I switched from the galaxy s4 to the iphone 5s the service sucked? Read details!


Feb 18, 2016
So, I bought the Galaxy S4 for straight talk with the AT&T compatible sim and surprisingly I got amazing service. But I missed having an iphone so a few months later I bought the iphone 5s with an AT&T compatible sim. The service sucks! I wouldn't even consider it 2g (it says I have LTE with full bars) it can't even load a basic webpage without taking 10 minutes. Should I try a T-Mobile compatible sim and hope for the best or just give up and switch back to my galaxy (which I don't want to do)?
Since this is a service issues, best place to check with about the issue is with Straight Talk, although their support is pretty bad once you purchase the service.