Strange erratic touchpad behavior

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Jul 22, 2011
Hello all and thanks for reading. I just purchased an Acer Aspire V5-591G laptop and I am running into some issues.

It came with a stock 1TB HDD. I had an SSD coming in the mail, so I used it for a few hours with the HDD inside (everything worked normally) before the SSD arrived.

I put in the SSD, installed windows 10 on the SSD (ran windows updates, installed all of the up-to-date drivers for this model from Acer's website) and the trackpad behaves very strangely. When I use the internet everything works like normal. When I close out of everything, the trackpad is EXTREMELY intermittent-- jumpy, laggy, and makes random clicks (almost unusable and extremely aggravating).

I have been troubleshooting this for a few hours..I took out the SSD and put the HDD in a few times and every time the HDD is in, the trackpad works flawlessly. The touchpad driver on the HDD is 10.0.10240.16384, so I tried to download this driver to the SSD but I cannot find this driver anywhere online. I have tried different synaptics drivers for the touchpad as well as the ones on the Acer website for this model, to no avail. My BIOS is fully up-to-date, and a scan of the SSD (through an acer program) tells me that the SSD is in good condition.

What would you guys recommend that I try/do at this point? Is there a way that I can extract the exact operating system state (including drivers) from my HDD and copy them to my SSD? I am out of ideas and am considering just returning the laptop at this point

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