Strange problems connecting computers to HDTV


Jan 31, 2008
I have been attempting to hook up one of two laptops (either is fine) to my new HDTV with a VGA connection. The end result will hopefully be a passable media center. However both computers have generated incredibly frustrating results. I was hoping that somebody else may have stumbled on a workaround for one or both of these problems so that I can get this set up.

The TV:
Samsung 32" 720p:

Toshiba Satellite "Toby" circa 2004: This is my girlfriend's computer that I know very little about. It uses a geforce fx go5200 graphics card. This card seems to be unable to display in widescreen on a second monitor (even though the laptop's native is (1280 x 800). I have attempted to use the latest drivers from Toshiba, NVidia (they refer you to Toshiba) and also Omega. None of them allowed me to use a widescreen resolution. I have read a bunch of different forums and nobody seems to have been able to find a resolution (within xp apparently it works on ubuntu).

HP Tx2500 tablet laptop:
This computer has no problems interfacing with the TV. It can display everything perfectly other than some annoying horizontal flickering. I realized that if I unplugged the laptop the flickering went away. Oddly, if I put the computer on energy saving mode while plugged in it will play movies beautifully. Using power saver mode forces the computer to work at a diminished capacity and I guess that somehow causes less interference. I don't really understand how any of that works... Would the answer possibly be a more insulated cord? Obviously running at half capacity all the time is not an elegant solution that I'd prefer to avoid.

Things I've thought of:
- All cords are verified to be working and are securely seated
- All devices are set to 60hz
- All drivers are updated

If anybody has any information that might push me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Sep 7, 2003
Edit: Scratch that. Try to disable the main screen if possible (without losing the screen all together.) and see if you get better results.
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