Strange sound kind of white noise,static sound

Feb 14, 2018
Hello dear members,
I bought about some months ago my laptop the model is: ACER E 15 (E5-575G-78LX)
it's not the first time ,already sent it to ACER to repair the laptop, I told them that maybe the HARD DISK is the problem, they reinstalled the windows and the sound still exists.
NOTE: Some times the laptop makes beep sound.

I recorded the sound:

I hear that the sound comes from the back of the laptop:

maybe I'm wrong

Thank you, have a nice day
I think thats just HDD doing writing to it, or reading. Its normal, if you are in quiet room.
And that bigger static can be needle jumping from one part of plate to other.

If you wanna be sure as it is seagate here are tools

run test if it passes then its everything okay.
Every hard drive must make little noise as it is mechanical.

Otherwise it could be coil whine which is also normal.
Feb 14, 2018

Hello Robert Ban,
Thank you for the reply.

I run yesterday the tests, I did also the long test ,all passed but ! , when i did the long generic test, it did alot of this noise,it was aweful sound stronger and gave a headache
anyway, this sound really annoying, impossible to work, it does very strong sound .
I called yesterday to Acer again, they said they will take my laptop to the laboratories I hope it will be solved.

if there is any other solution tell me please,
This sound is strong even if the laptop on the table and I lay down on the bed I still hear that sound.
Feb 14, 2018

The laptop still in warranty, is it possible to ask Acer to change the HDD ,because I don't want to break the warranty.

Thank you.