News Stunning Samsung Galaxy S30 design reveals the future of smartphones


Feb 4, 2016
Touch sensitive buttons on the side of a phone. Terrible idea. Why do we bother with these concept posts when the dream phone will always be bezel free, invisible camera front faces. Thats why this guy had to think of something to do with the phone's side.

I propose my Samsung design to have zero buttons at all. It will be fully gapless as it will have no openings for speakers or charging ports, or cameras.
Instead it will use screen vibration technology to transmit sounds, and rely purely on wireless charging. All cameras will be under the glass on both sides. The result of this, is that the entire phone is encased in glass, with no creases at all, leading to a fully waterproof phone. To hard reset the phone it will come with a very strong magnet that when held on the bottom of the phone, it will push the required button inside the case. It will be called the Samsung Glassaxy Max. Do I need to create an unrealistic render for it to be blogged about?
Apr 5, 2020
I cant believe your editor allowed you to publish this trash clickbait article. You guys have no shame