Suggest me a good gaming laptop under $750 / INR 50000


Apr 28, 2016
Hi. I would be getting into university after about 2 months so i would be needing a laptop. Since i've never owned a laptop before, i actually have no idea about which one i should buy. I own a gaming pc(i7 3770k , gtx 680) which i'm planning to sell. I would be using the laptop primarily as a gaming device and some light programming(masm and c++ etc.). I would be playing dota 2 and cs:go for most of the time. I'm also a starcraft 2 player but i don't actually think it's that demanding.

1. My budget is Rs. 50000 ($750)
2. Size should be 15.6 inches or higher
3. Screen resolution should be 1920x1080(FHD)
4. Not worried much about battery life.
5. CPU should be i5 or i7 (i7 preferred but GPU is the main priority)
6. Should play these games at high (40 fps +)
i) Counter Strike : Global Offensive
ii) Dota 2
iii) Team Fortress 2
7. Storage should be atleast 500GB.
8. I live in India so if you can suggest me some good gaming laptops please do so.

Games that are quite resource hungry like GTA 5 should run like 40 fps on low-medium settings.

Thank You.