Superlux HD668B vs JVC HARX700


Aug 2, 2017
Hello :bounce:

I would like to buy some new headphones.

I've done a little bit of research and these two models seem to be coming up quite often, so I'm wondering which one I should pick. I've looked for threads like this but I could not find any conclusive answer.

I will listen to music (classical music mostly, sometimes pop music) and play video games.
I will also buy a 10$ 3.5mm jack microphone.

Prices of these headphones in my country :
- Superlux HD668B + velvet pads (I've heard that stock ear pads were terrible) : 46.9€ / 55$
- JVC HARX700 : 35.31€ / 42$

What do you think ? :??:

EDIT : Also, what do you think about the Sound Intone CX05 ? They cost 27€ / 32$ in my country and I've seen some great reviews about it.