Surface Go Hands on: Meet the $399 iPad Killer

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Nov 9, 2010
Far from an Ipad killer. So long as the battery life of this device is as abysmal as it is it will always be a laptop replacement at best, far off from a tablet. My comic book reader will still remain an Ipad pro.

Windows also makes this dive extremely clunky when trying to use it as a tablet. The fact that the MS app store has very little of value is not helping them either...
Jul 11, 2018
DARKOMALEDICTUS are you for real? You are talking about an Ipad Pro that costs twice as much. If you compare this to the iPad, not the pro, the battery life is similar, 9 hours. "Apple states that normal battery life for surfing the Internet using WiFi, playing music or watching videos is up to ten hours, while surfing the Internet using a 3G network should be up to about nine hours."

And while I agree about the lack of apps, this is full windows so you can do much more than just 'apps'.


Nov 4, 2012
Microsoft is definitely not going to be stealing Apple's tablet crown any time soon. With 44 million iPads sold last year compared to sales of only a few million Surface devices and stagnant growth year on year, it’s no surprise that analysts like Canalys are predicting Microsoft will exit hardware in 2019.

As far as the mobile Pentium CPU in this cheap Surface tablet is concerned, it’s pretty anaemic competition with a Geekbench score of only 2,050 (3,946 multi-core) compared to 3,462 (5,887 multi-core) for the powerhouse A10 Fusion SoC in the base model iPad let alone the iPad Pro with a multi-core score of around 10,000.

You seem to think that 4GBs of RAM is good for the Surface Go, but you do realise it has to struggle under the full load of the Desktop Windows 10 OS? This is not going to be a Photoshop/Video Editing machine by any stretch of the imagination.

And it doesn’t have a Fingerprint reader. How primitive in this day and age of TouchID iOS devices. And no GPS on the Surface Go - what?!

Compare this to the slim, tablet-optimised iOS on the iPad with it’s million+ multi-touch optimised apps capable of live editing 4K video streams and there is just no comparison.
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