Solved! Switching sound between dual monitors

Oct 9, 2020
HP Elite Desk running windows 10 Pro with one VGA and 2 DisplayPort connections. VGA currently connects to TV and an audio connection runs to speakers. I currently have this display disconnected in display settings. Two ASUS PB278 monitors connected using DisplayPort to HDMI cables. If I have one monitor plugged in I get sound regardless of which DisplayPort connection I use. If both are connected I can only get sound from the monitor designated as 2 in display properties. If I go to sound settings it list my available outputs as my speakers and list ASUS PB278 twice. I can select the speakers just fine. However when I choose either monitor listed sound always comes from monitor 2. Both monitors are unmuted and have volume set identically and the audio source inputs show HDMI. How do I switch to get sound at monitor 1 instead of 2? I realize I could just switch where the monitors are plugged in but it seems like there should be a way to do this. Thanks