Question sync/mirror files between Android and Windows 10

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Sep 8, 2019
I used to be an Apple phone user and loved the synchronization between my phone and iTunes/Windows 10 laptop. I now use a Samsung A8 and Windows 10. I am not sold on or tied to any music app. I love music and trying to sync my music and playlists has been extremely frustrating.

What I want is an app or process to truly synchronizes/mirrors my phone music and laptop music. I want to delete a song from my phone and have it deleted from my computer (and vice versa) during ANY form of sync processes.

Many apps say they "sync" but it is only one way or a cloud service is required.

What I don't want … cloud service. If I am going to pay for a cloud, then I may as well pay for Spotify or Amazon music. I have too much music to hold in a cloud.

I don't care if the sync is wireless. Using a USB to connect to my laptop is fine.

Can someone please recommend an app or process for the android phone to sync files with Windows 10.

I find that often the app for the phone and Windows 10 do not match.


There is no simple app to do this, which is why cloud service is used for this. Plug in the phone, manually copy music you want. There is sync software that will keep folders synced between devices, you can use that to sync the music folder on the phone storage to a folder with music. Playlists probably won't happen.

SyncToy is one free option

Amazon Music is like $10 a month, pretty good deal for pretty much unlimited music.
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