T-Mobile Gets a Jump on Holidays with Free Phone Offer

Nov 14, 2018
VERY IMPORTANT NOTE about the $750 off a Note9 w/eligible trade-in: the offer can only be redeemed ONCE per account - so if you and another person plan to switch to T-Mobile, starting two new lines under one account, only one of those lines is eligible for this Note9 offer. I don't know if that applies to any of the other device deals but I've confirmed it for the Note9 - both in-store and with Customer Care. Also, some of the $750 comes as an immediate one-time bill credit (the trade-in value, up to a certain amount), with the rest applied as monthly bill credits spread over 24 months. So you are getting the Note9 discounted some amount (I believe it's maxed at $250) right up front, but do make sure to ask what happens should you choose to cancel T-Mobile service before that 24 months.