Question Tablet or Stay with Laptop


May 29, 2022
Well maybe I am at a cross road of stay with Laptop or go with Tablet. Typically a laptop in the price range of 700 has performed fine for me. I do video calls on MS Teams and Zoom use a lot of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. I have 2 large monitors that typically I use in conjunction with my laptop for my consulting business. That all stated is there a Tablet or 2 that would serve my purpose where I could incorporate a docking station and these monitors. Storage of files and response are important, I have used om my laptop about 8G of RAM to 12,

Should I give the new tablets a try or will they clearly fall short? 2 Monitors how to connect to tablet and docking station for additional USB and other support? I currently use the Acer Aspire 5.

Etrius vanRandr

May 11, 2022
hould I give the new tablets a try or will they clearly fall short

As a tech enthusiast myself who's used multiple tablets and many many laptops in my time, I personally prefer laptops and I think that they would suit your use case much better than tablet would since tablets are generally more single task focused despite their ability to switch between multiple programs.

The only benefits tablets have over laptops is generally battery life portability and the touch screen. That's about it. It doesn't seem to me like any of those actually matter much to you in this scenario.
Jun 15, 2022
Same here!
I've been used my laptop for over 7 years and accidentally dropped it from my bed(Oops :(( ) Ever since that the trackpad and keyboard sensor have been bugging me.
When I was searching for new options, it seems that the tablets are now much advanced than I expected. The latest products such as OneNetbook T1 or Asus Rog is equipped 12th gen CPU, while the older ones (e.g. Surface Pro) is on sale for a good deal. With approx. $800 I get decent specs and almost everything I am asking for.
When it comes to the laptops, there are way too many options (That's good. That's bad!) If you're a fan of certain brands, that might be easier to shorten the list.

I personally would consider tablets as I could create a new profile for my kids for entertainment sometimes. My only concern will be the cooling efficiency. Also, I prefer laptop's keyboard than typing on a detached one.
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