Solved! Tcl tv help!


Jul 9, 2012
Hi there. I bought a tv about two weeks ago. It’s a tcl 75c2us and when I first got it there was a dead pixel and the screen would dim and bright randomly. I complained about this and they gave me another one. These were both display models. This one also has a dead pixel or lit pixel. They are pretty much refusing to help and tcl won’t fix it because they claim it’s under their warranty but the guy at Betta electrical says he will contact tcl and get back to me which he hasn’t. Also he is claiming that if it’s only one pixel he doesn’t have to do anything about it. Is that true??? I live in Australia and really want my tv working properly without dead or lit pixels. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
if you used a credit card do a charge back and then return the tv. most credit card sometime extrend the warranty or will help where there is a product defect that the store or vendor wont work with.


One dead pixel falls well within the industry standard and you would be hard pressed to get a replacement with just one pixel out.