Question Tech gurus needed (Samsung non smart tv and external drive)

Jan 10, 2020
Hi there folks,salutations from sunny Spain.

Ok so here is the deal:

Pops is sick at the moment dyalisis every 3 days and now his PSA is high (could be cancer,wont know till he gets the biopsy done)
I spend most of my time at home taking care of him so i want to make him feel as confortable as possible,apart from cooking and keeping him active as possible i want him to be entertained.
So anyway he spends a lot of time at home and he loves movies and tv series so everyday he asks me for a specific movie or tv series and then i look for it in my pc.
I have plenty of space and i was tired of dragging all those dvds around so i just ripped them and put them on my pc and a couple of external drives.
And now whenever i buy a dvd i just rip it and keep it in my pc so i can pass it to him for whenever he wants to watch it,we would get a service like netflix or something like that but for now he prefers to shop for dvds or just watch the stuff he already has.

Now this is a bit of a pain because each time he wants to watch something i have to look for it in my pc or the external drives,then copy it to a pendrive then put the pendrive in the tv.
His current tv is a non smart samsung tv model UE40J5100.

This model only has one usb port and im afraid it might break one day ( i use it 3 or 4 times a day) and they we are screwed so i need some help coming up with a setup for him to use.
Ideally something with a capacity of 2TB or more where i can dump in all the stuff he usually watches (old western movies,nazi movies and series about lawyers hehe) and then he can just use a remote and browse what he wants.

Said aparatus should also need to have a couple of usb ports so i can hook up a pendrive for whatever else he wants to watch,lately he has been asking for youtube videos about caravans and camping...poor pops cant get out of home much so i guess he likes watching that.

Well anyway,thanks in advance for all the help.
Apologies for any grammar,punctuation or errors in sintaxis,english isnt my native language and the english i know i learned by playing mmos hehe.

Jan 10, 2020
Something like this
should work. Seems like they all have 1 USB port plus an SD card reader. If using a card instead of a pendrive will work for you it should be fine.
If he's comfortable with tech an Android TV box would work. He could access Youtube himself.

hey :)
first of all thanks for the swift reply.
Just a couple quick questions,so in the amazon add it says this:
Supports kinds of memory cards, such as SD, SDHC, MMC, MS card. It can read all files stored in these cards.Supports USB interface of HOST function, and it can play the files in USB storage devices directly, such as USB disk, USB HD, etc.

so if i understand correctly that means that i could buy an external drive,and hook it up to the item you linked me from amazon and once hooked up i can use the remote to choose any file media i would want to reproduce,right?

second,if i wanted to look at other models apart from the one you linked me,what is the proper wording to use in the search bar?
i typed ''multi media player'' and this is what i got:ÅMÅŽÕÑ&ref=nb_sb_noss_2
im in Spain so these are the results i got,do all those serve the same purpose?

Lots of brands in my search and to be honest i dont recognise any of them hehe,is there any specific brand better than the other? i dont mind paying a bit extra for some better features and quality.

hey,thanks again for taking the time to respond.
The answer to your first question is yes.
There are many of them and I can't really say which is better.
This one
is an Android TV box so can do more than just play files. If your Dad is comfortable with using it he could access Youtube himself.
This Roku streamer has a USB port for file playback and would also give him access to free and pay streaming services. The Roku is generally easier to set up and operate than Android boxes.ŽÕÑ&keywords=roku+ultra&qid=1578761537&sr=8-3