Question Technical Advice about my new Samsung Q70T Please

Aug 31, 2020
Hello, I was after some advice please :)

I have just bought a Samsung QLED Q70T. It was recommended to me because the TV will predominantly be used for gaming and this model has various gaming modes etc. My PS4 by the way is a standard first edition PS4, not a PS4 Pro. So 4K Netflix looks amazing, the picture is so clear but the picture when I am on the home screen of my PS4 and when I am playing a game looks worse than it did on my old Samsung Full HD TV. I have turned off all the various game enhancement modes and have moved the HDMI cable from the 2.1 HDMI port to a standard HDMI port. Does the picture look weird because I am playing a standard PS4 through a new 4K TV? The game that bothers me the most is Ghost of Tsushima. This looked so gorgeous on my old TV but now for the most part, it just doesn't look right. The background graphics aren't as clear and the colours, especially green and yellows just look off. I have it on movie picture mode, the others such as dynamic make it look so much worse. Will this still be the case when I have the PS5 or will it then look amazing? Any advice would be much appreciated, I am so gutted. I thought this TV would look awesome when playing PS4 and it just bothers me every time I switch on the console :-(


Issue is probably because you are running a console at 1080 to a 4k TV. There is no way to know how a PS5 will look till you try it. You may be sitting too close to the TV also, since you are spreading the pixels by double, they will be half as sharp. The closer you are to the TV the more you will notice that.
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