Technics Stereo Graphic Equalizer SH-8025



I have the opportunity to purchase one of these for next to nothing from the local pawnbroker. If it doesn't work out, no big loss.

My intention is to put it into my music system, but I am not sure where it fits. Before the Preamp/Poweramp combo or between the Preamp and the Poweramp?

Any advice would be appreciated.
My first choice would be in the tape monitor loop on the preamp (if you have one). This cannot overload the input and allows you to completely remove it when you don't need it by defeating the tape monitor,
Second choice is between the source and the preamp but this would limit you to one or two sources.
Third choice would be between the preamp and amp. This will work OK but you could send it a higher signal than it is happy with.


Update :

Bought the EQ today for NZ$10.50 - hooked it up and awaaaaay she went. Good as gold.
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