Tecra A9 Vs. Best battery life laptop?

Mr Davo

Feb 22, 2010
Hi Everyone,

A colleague of mine is using a Tecra A9 with a solid state drive, and an upgraded - high capacity 8800 mAh Battery. She is currently getting approximately 4 hours of use out of the laptop, which is about what I expect. This Tecra A9 Review indicates that typical battery life (with the standard battery) is somewhere between 2 - 3 hours, even though the manufacturer claims a battery life of close to 4 hours.

Is there anything else that I can modify (hardware wise) that will allow this laptop to run for longer?

If not I am looking at purchasing a new laptop for my colleague and this one will need to have close to 8 hours of constant battery use. If anybody has any recommendations on a suitable laptop can you please let me know?

Kind Regards,