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  1. R

    how do i remove hdd password at startup that i forgotten

    my laptop toshiba tecra a5 startup with the message'enter built-in user hdd password that i forgotten.how it will be removed from bios.
  2. O

    bios wont change anything

    i have toshiba tecra r850 and i enter bios and wont let me change anything like hidden password or ...i tryed to change boot to install from cd or usb stick wont let me,only i can change date and language in bios.Please can anyone help!
  3. S

    Toshiba Tecra A8 / Satellite Pro A120 frozen on boot screen "Missing Operating System" WINDOWS 7

    So I Have an old Toshiba Tecra A8 / Satellite Pro A120. I was trying to load Kali Linux on it and was trying to learn it because I'm a noob at Linux. I succeeded in LIVE booting into Kali using a USB. I was running Windows 7 and it was working fine. I decided to install Kali and when i got to...
  4. S

    My toshiba tecra m1 is saying insert system disk in drive what does that mean?

    My toshiba tecra m1 says insert system disc what can I do I didn’t get no discs with it
  5. alexdude1633

    Graphics card replacement/upgrade?

    Is it possible to remove the graphics card and replace it with a faster one on a Toshiba Tecra R950?
  6. R

    I would need please recovery for Toshiba Tecra A11-15

    I would need please recovery for Toshiba Tecra A11-15. I have installed manually and does not work.
  7. M

    Solved! dark spots on my laptop screen that are growing in size

    I have a toshiba tecra A50, just a few days ago some dark spots suddenly appeared on my screen. the spots seem to be increasing in size. I had previously done a system reset to clear some viruses that had invaded by browsers. Could that be related?
  8. T

    Toshiba not stocking/selling repl laptop batteries

    Anyone know why Toshiba stopped selling laptop replacement battery's like for Tecra A8 and where to buy repl battery that is reputable ?
  9. K

    Hi, I have Toshiba tecra r850 with following specs. 500gb hdh........ 8gb Ram......... 2.5Ghz processor speed.......

    Hi, I have Toshiba tecra r850 with following specs. Core i5 500gb hard disk........ 8gb Ram......... 2.5Ghz processor speed....... Can I upgrade the graphics to Intel HD 4000?
  10. Flashthepyro

    Toshiba Tecra 730CDT BIOS damaged.... help?

    Hey all, So i got this old laptop, a Toshiba Tecra 730CDT, Pentium MMX, windows 95, all that good stuff. i bought the thing in a thrift shop, with some stuff like a external floppy reader en mouse ect included. got a universal laptop adapter recently that supported it. but once i power it on i...
  11. budest

    Trying to Source Replacement Keyboard

    Hi there, I'm having difficulty trying to source a replacement keyboard for a Toshiba Tecra A9 and am wondering if any of you could point me in the right direction? Thanks
  12. L

    Where can I find two hard drives for my Toshiba Tecra R850-S8510? My fren got rid of these but there’s no hard drives in the

    I also have a Toshiba Satellite C650 (PSC2EU-09C027) that needs a hard drive as well.. how do I know what to buy!! Please help
  13. windows7fan

    Toshiba Tecra M11 running hot. Hard drive fitted is a Hitachi HTS725032A9A360

    Hello All, I have bought a Toshiba Tecra M11 laptop. the hard fitted is a Hitachi HTS725032A9A360 320GB. I noticed that the laptop is getting very hot. I am running speedfan 4.5.2 and noticed that the hard drive temperature is 56oC, temp 1 was 105oC now running at 88oC, Core 0...
  14. D

    How to reset the BIOS on Toshiba TECRA R700?

    I have a Toshiba Tecra R700 laptop. When I power on the laptop I see the red Toshiba logo (splash screen) then I get a password prompt ("Password = "). No matter what password I enter I get the error "Not Certified". If I enter the incorrect password three times the system powers off. I have...
  15. M

    my toshiba tecra A50-A asking me hdd ssd and supervisor password after i reset the system and now i cant use it coz i dont kno

    my toshiba tecra A50-A asking me a HDD SSD and SUPERVISOR password afer i reset the system,, any help will be appriciated
  16. R

    Toshiba Tecra upgrade problems

    I have upgraded my Toshiba Tecra S430. It originally came with xp professional, but I have installed Windows 7...along with additional ram and a larger harddrive. One of the need drivers is called the Toshiba Common Modules driver. Windows 7 blocks this driver because of compatibility issues...
  17. P

    upgrade of Toshiba Tecra A3

    Hi, I have an old Toshiba Tecra A3 that I have stopped using years ago and I would like to know if there is something I can do to upgrade it so that I can run it in ok conditions.
  18. G

    toshiba tecra r950 recovery cds or usb flash drive

    hi. recently i bought a used i7 tecra r950 with radeon card. that machine's hard disk was formatted and then they installed windows 10, the recovery partition is lost. in addition, at bottom it has a sticker saying 'windows 8 pro' but it does not have a COA sticker. i attempted to buy the...
  19. B

    toshiba tecra z50-AO445 power led orange/red led flashes 5 times the fan run rapidily

    I HAVE A FAMILIAR challenge, my toshiba tecra z50-AO445, when power on, it with blinking orange led (on power icon) 5 times and restart immediately and then the fan start spinning vigorously and rapidily( meanwhile the battery is non-removable) pls, help me out, i will glad to get any idea I...
  20. J

    Toshiba Tecra A9 laptop screen is black

    The laptop was having problem with the RAM as when turned on, the beeping sound comes ON. So I remove it and put it back and upon turning the laptop ON, the screen is just black. Why isn't the screen turning on correctly?
  21. V

    Toshiba Tecra Z40 won't turn on

    Hey, I've seen that several people had similar problems with their Toshiba laptops, so I assume this is a Toshiba-problem. I have a Toshiba Tecra z40-A-14N which now does not turn on anymore. I've been using it and it told me that the battery was critically low and that I should connect it to...
  22. C

    Tecra Z50-A-1CV attached to 3 or more monitors

    Hi guys, I am looking for a possibility to connect to my notebook Tecra Z50-A-1CV 3 or more monitors. Is there any solution? Right now I have on 24" DELL and a 22" Fujitsu connected via HDMI and VGA. Thank you.
  23. D

    WiFi stopped going online when I change networks

    I have a Toshiba Tecra Z-50. I connect to several WiFi networks: at home, at several work locations, at friends' houses. It used to be that when I put my computer to sleep at one location and woke it at another, it would connect to the different network (remembering its WPA key) and I'd be...
  24. M

    Toshiba tecra r940 cpu upgrade?

    Im looking to upgrade the stock i5 cpu the toshiba tecra r940 laptop comes with, which i7 cpu would be compatible to replace the i5?
  25. F

    hi. i have toshiba tecra ez6612 and i want to boot from external cdROM, need help plz.

    i want to install windows 7 on my toshiba tecra-ez6612 and i need to boot from external cdROM.need help please
  26. E

    All keyboards buggy on Tecra R850-S8540

    The original keyboard, the replacement i installed and occasionally the USB keyboard all randomly type, erratically fail to register commands and lag. This occurred in windows 7 and continued into 10. I've removed the keyboard and cleaned it with compressed air, and installed the latest chipset...
  27. H

    Have to chose between Tecra A50 vs. Elitebook 840G2 for video editing

    I've been tasked to buy a laptop for editing video from a gopro carmera on the go. I can get a Elitebook840 or a TecraA50. I'm inclind to get the toshiba is it worth the extra cost? I'm also looking at the differance in battery life, but the HP sounds a little farfetched. Anyone got any ideas...
  28. D

    How to make a cd drive to boot in bios on toshiba tecra a4

    How to make a cd drive to boot in bios on toshiba tecra a4
  29. A

    little help with toshiba tecra R950

    I recently brought a laptop of tecra series with an i5 3230m. 8gb Ram. Intel Hd 4000. i installed win 7 ultimate replacing windows 8. but now evey thing is messed. I cant turn wifi on or off. No sign of Bluetooth. And i cant find any software to use the finger print utility. The scroll function...
  30. G

    how can i turn up the volume of my toshiba tecra?

    I have tried every sound setting I can find to increase the sound, which is so low, I have a tough time hearing it. Is there something else I can do?
  31. J

    Toshiba Tecra R850-1CN Graphic Card upgrade

    Hello everyone !!!!! I hope someone can help me. I have a Toshiba tecra R850-1CN with the following characteristics: Intel® Core™ i7-2640M CPU @ 2.80GHz Hard Drive SSD Samsung 128gb and 500gb Hard Drive on DVD Reader/Writer 8GB DDR3 RAM 64 Bits operating system(Windows 8) AMD Radeon HD 6450M...
  32. F

    low budget laptop for programming.

    Is Toshiba tecra w50 i3 (2.50Ghz) 4GB ram 500GB HDD good for programming
  33. S

    I have toshiba tecra m2 laptop I have forgooten user password how to open the laptop

    Lookinng for c promt solution
  34. S

    Model number doesnt exist on Your site

    I'm writing this message on a Toshiba Tecra M5 This model, according to Toshiba website, does not exist: 1. The serial number does not corrispond to any model 2. Autodetection says that "Cannot find the computer" 3. Manually selecting the laptop does not work as well, because under Tecra M5...
  35. W

    toshib tecra 64bit

    l've installed a wd 320gig in my toshiba laptop the machine tellsme ihave an hdd error any cures? thanks
  36. B

    laptop touchpad size

    What are the Toshiba Tecra A11 laptop touchpad size in unit of millimeter
  37. J

    Dell INSPIRON 15- 7000 VS TOSHIBA Model TECRA W50-A Y2430. Performance & Price comparison. which one will be better & latest

    Dell INSPIRON 15- 7000 VS TOSHIBA Model TECRA W50-A Y2430. Performance & Price comparison. which one will be better & latest. I am looking to buy a LAPTOP in next week time. Need experts advice. I am from Surat, INDIA. BUDGET - App - 1 lac. INR. Kindly reply urgently. You can send me reply on...
  38. C

    Toshiba tecra a7 GPU replacement?

    Hi, today when i was cleaning my house i found my old Toshiba tecra a7 but AC adapter cable was broken and two wires touched and it broke my GPU, i was searching around Internet to find replacement but i cant find it, GPU is ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 can someone tell me where i can buy that gpu...
  39. H

    access the boot priority system on a Toshiba Tecra R840 12F

    I am trying to access the boot priority system on my Toshiba Tecra R840 as I want to play with Ubuntu in ram - anybody out there know how please?
  40. A

    toshiba tecra A-11

    i want to change my toshiba tecra a-11 into a all in one what would i need and how to do it and how much would it cost
  41. L

    Toshiba Tecra (running XP) black screen with flashing cursor. Help please

    Every time I turn on my Toshiba Tecra A2 that runs XP, it goes onto a black screen with cursor flashing. It has the word Password just before the flashing Password word. I cannot remember any password for this. When I try what I think might have been the password, after 3 attempts, the laptop...
  42. Mr Davo

    Tecra A9 Vs. Best battery life laptop?

    Hi Everyone, A colleague of mine is using a Tecra A9 with a solid state drive, and an upgraded - high capacity 8800 mAh Battery. She is currently getting approximately 4 hours of use out of the laptop, which is about what I expect. This Tecra A9 Review indicates that typical battery life (with...
  43. lolwut767

    My Toshiba Tecra 8100 is DEAD! D:

    Hi there. I'm in a spot of bother. I've got a Tecra 8100, and since a few months ago, the laptop just won't start. I get a few lights; the "Plugged in" light, the On light, the "Charging" light, and the DVD Drive light. They never seem to go off. Also, the hard drive spins up. No activity...
  44. D

    forgot my bios password

    forgot bios password for toshiba tecra 8200 laptop is there a backdoor password
  45. S

    Tecra 8100 won't start

    I have purchased a new battery for this older laptop and I can see the light on when charging but nothing happens when pushing the power button. I want to access the data on the hard drive. I have pulled it out of its slot. This is not the typical usb adapter kit. There are no pins and this is...
  46. C

    Toshiba tecra keyboard not working

    Toshiba TecraA6 Keyboard just stopped workinig when I turned it on. It received a VERY small knock, nothing more than the usual use a laptop receives. No keys working and I cant access the BIOS as a result. I don't know how to strip down the keyboard aqs I cannot readily see any piece of Bezel...
  47. A

    I dont have a web camera is there any software that works as camera

    Hello, I am using TOSHIBA (Tecra) Windows XP. no camera here. is there any software that works like camera?
  48. T

    Audio drivers for toshiba tecra m2 download free

    Hello, how can i download free Realtek AC97 Audio Driver for Toshiba Tecra M2.
  49. N

    Toshiba tecra audio driver download

    Hello, i do not know my version of tecra bt i know its tecra and the audio drivers are lost what do i do
  50. V

    Solved! Toshiba tecra 8100 hard drive specifications

    What model hard drive is in a toshiba tecra 8100?
  51. M

    I bought a toshiba tecra s3 used it had no hdd drive or drivers so i bought a 50

    i bought a toshiba tecra s3 used it had no hdd drive or drivers so i bought a 500gb hdd . will it work? and how do i get my drivers back?
  52. E

    Solved! Free toshiba recovery cd download for tecra 750

    I need a system disk for a toshiba tecra 750dvd, free would be nice
  53. M

    Toshiba tecra m2 won't turn on

    hi there, i have toshiba tecra m2 it wont turn on the light turn on but when i press the power butten it does sweet f**k all there is not sound from the harddrive as its starting up so i toke that out and put it in my usb caddy and that works fine so i know its not the harddrive i all so...
  54. L


    is there any way of doing a recovery on a Toshiba Tecra A2 without the recovery disks?
  55. A

    Solved! Toshiba Tecra A10 Blue Screen on opening

    Hello, I an getting the following error, only on opening BAD POOL CALLER STOP:OX000000C2 [Ox00000007,Ox000000CD4,Ox04080208,OxE1B5D6F8
  56. E

    Removing battery from toshiba tecra 8100

    removing battery from toshiba tecra 8100 - is there a trick to this - I have been attempting to do this now for about 1 hour and nothing - can not figure out how to take this out
  57. S

    Solved! Can toshiba tecra 8100 upgrade to window 7

    can toshiba tecra upgrade to window 7
  58. C

    Toshiba tecra 8000, not booting, no display, LED blinks code 82h BGVSNS, which c

    Hi I'm trying to resolve a fault on a Toshiba Tecra 8000. The unit does not boot, no display, LED blinks code sequence for 82h which is a BGVSNS voltage out of range (under volt: <1.02V) fault. The external PSU checks out fine under load, and has been tested with another Tecra 8000. Clearly...
  59. booboo1342

    Tecra s2: date time reset at every boot

    toshiba tecra s2: bios-date-time is resetted at every boot, though CMOS-Battery meters O.K. (3,15V), can it be that the CMOS-Battery is still too less charged or defective (too high internal resistance) after a long non-usage period? thanx for advice! :)
  60. G

    Toshiba Tecra M5 Blue Screen errors

    Hi I have a Toshiba Tecra M5 Laptop, it keeps coming up with blue screen errors (it seemed to be only when the laptop was moved). Laptop has been looked at by an IT Friend who has cleared the hard drive and reinstalled Windows 7 and all the drivers. (Hoping this would solve the problem!)...