Toshiba Tecra A8 / Satellite Pro A120 frozen on boot screen "Missing Operating System" WINDOWS 7

Aug 12, 2018
So I Have an old Toshiba Tecra A8 / Satellite Pro A120. I was trying to load Kali Linux on it and was trying to learn it because I'm a noob at Linux. I succeeded in LIVE booting into Kali using a USB. I was running Windows 7 and it was working fine. I decided to install Kali and when i got to the partitioning part, i decided to abort installation, go back into Windows to make suitable partitions. However, as I restarted my laptop I was stuck on the screen that said "TOSHIBA In Touch With Tomorrow". Under this writing were 5 icons. If i waited for the computer, nothing would happen. If I pressed keys, after a certain amount of strokes it started making beeps for every click I made. But if as soon as I turned it on and spammed the left/right arrow keys, I could highlight one of the 5 icons. I tried loading Kali on a LIVE USB and it works fine. I can even access files from my hard drive If I select the network icon, it says some Intel Boot Agent and then loads for a while before saying "OPERATING SYSTEM MISSING". But if I highlight any of the other icons, it just freezes and starts beeping noises if I try to press any key after a certain amount of keystrokes. Please help me. Any help will be appreciated and I can provide further details upon request.
How To Fix "Operating System Not Found" or "Missing Operating System" error.

1. You will need your Windows OS (Operating System) CD or bootable Windows OS USB device.
2. Connect the bootable USB device or insert the CD into your computer.
3. Now use the "F2, F12 and Delete" keys enter BIOS setup.
4. Click "Repair Your Computer" below the "Install Now" button.
5. While you are in the "Repair Your Computer" open "CMD" (Command Prompt).
6. When you are in "CMD" type “diskpart” then type “list volume”.
7. Next you will be in "list volume". All volumes should be shown.
8. Find your system volume, where the windows are installed and then type “select volume ###“(system volume C) shows on CMD. Ex. select volume 3.
9. After you have selected the volume, type “ACTIVE“. Your system partition is active now.
10. Now type ”exit” to leave diskpart and then type ”exit” again to close CMD.
11. That’s it now RESTART your computer.

This should work, if you follow the steps correctly.

NOTE: When typing in anything, do not include the quote "" marks, otherwise things will not work correctly.
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