The best thing to try first is to take out the hard disk, buy a USB converter and connect it into another computer to run Checkdisk, set to find and fix disk errors. What's actually the problem? Does it not fire up at all or does it show a blue screen with an error message - if so, which message? Do you have an XP CD?



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Aug 4, 2011
Press and hold the 0 key while powering on the laptop. This will bring you to the Toshiba HDD Recovery screen. If you are wanting to run a factory restore.

But the question still is, why are you wanting to run a factory restore?? Are there other problems you are trying to fix?

If you are successful in your recovery, then I highly recommend you create your factory restore cd's from within windows once it is completed. This will give you the assurance that when they HDD dies, you can install a new one and have you factory software on hand.