Model number doesnt exist on Your site

Slaven Vujasin

Nov 9, 2014
I'm writing this message on a Toshiba Tecra M5

This model, according to Toshiba website, does not exist:
1. The serial number does not corrispond to any model
2. Autodetection says that "Cannot find the computer"
3. Manually selecting the laptop does not work as well, because under Tecra M5 but there is no my model number to choose.

Model number: PTM51E-0EM055S4
I was try all sites toshiba usa,tosiba europe,toshiba croatia but cant find this mode..on auto detect also can't recognize.
I have problem with display drivers,there is no chance to install any of them,windows 7 says that graphish card is NVIDIA QUADRO BVS110M . I found this drives on net but when I install it I got nothing is still in microsoft low resolution ,I try also WIndows XP and Vista but same happened. Do You maybe know where problem is.When I install driver succsessfuly and restart laptop I got blue screen of death (nvlddmkm error)