The coolest gadget of 2023 makes me feel like I have a Hubble telescope in my backyard

Dec 18, 2023
I'd like to see your review of the latest in this field, ZWO's recently released Seestar S50. It is an improvement over the already reviewed Dwarf II, and in the same price bracket, ie much less than the Unistellar. I have several friends who have just received them, and are already getting astounding results from light polluted skies.


May 2, 2022
What, exactly, is a "smart telescope?" How does it take the pictures? Do you attach your camera or phone? Can you look thru an eye piece? I'm ASSUMING the answers are "built-in sensor" (but what resolution?), "no," and "no." As a 60-something who used to stargaze as a youth, I am interested, but I don't quite know what this thing is. A brief overview of what it is and how it works should be included in this article.