The Facebook App That Encourages Break Ups

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Mar 1, 2011
Perfect. Too many relationships stay together that should be broken up. In Canada we have something close to 50% divorce for the "young" (under 30-35 i guess?). If they are divorcing, they were not a couple that should have endured dating... be mature, do the right thing and dump your BF/GF so you can marry someone that you won't divorce. Ask the really hard questions, grow some ballz (women included) and make a decision with your head, not your heart.

Side note, how many couples will secretly use this tool to find out their partner's fidelity?

pale paladin

Jul 27, 2009
what kind of bull crap is this. That's all we need, a facebook app that allows people to screw with your love life. WhyTF do people need to be soo connected to every instant of another's life. There are two people I care enough about to be informed about their days happenings. My wife and daughter. Everyone else just isn't important. People need to stop basing their own personal value on what others think of them and find some self confidence and self esteem on their own.

I find that facebook virtualizes ones identity and makes it easy to be up front and brave. But in the real world people lack the SACK to approach their peers or family face to face and discuss topics or issues like adults.

What a joke. This current generation is a bunch of big talking wuss bags. Girls and guys included. They almost all lack integrity, respect and confidence.

I'm only 27 and I see a drastic difference between my generation and my 19yr old kid sisters.
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