The Palm Pre: $549 Off Contract

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Apr 5, 2006
Only the sick would pay $549 for a phone. You can get a netbook for much less and pick up a 3G solution for $100 from Verizon that works with any wifi device.


Wow, a "reporter", and I use this term loosely, well actually tongue in cheek because it's evident by the title of this article she was reaching for hit counts on this site without any real concern or ability it seems to report the "news" objectively, got it all wrong. She report sites a totally different article as it's basis!, Also though it is factual and just ONE!

It's all hearsay! Worse than that, "it's he said she said", the worse example of "telephone you know that game you played in elementary school where you tell someone something and they tell someone and so on and at the end the story is completely different.", kinda crap editorial.

Question for Miss I can't do a Five second Google search or make a 2 minute phone call to a local Sprint store to validate your half-ass, poorly written and complete opinion piece passed off as "news", Can you buy an iPhone off contract from ATT?

Also what network are you taking your supposed "$550" Pre? Certainly not ATT.

Not open for further replies.