The strangest issue I've encountered.

Jul 4, 2012
The laptop is a Lenovo G780 with a Conexant SmartAudio HD soundcard as well as the Intel display audio, I'll add a speccy log to my post in case anyone wants to check for details.

The problem: All Sound is being played back to listeners via skype or other audio programs. It's the same as if you had a stereo mix setup. That means youtube videos, in game sounds (In this case left4dead2) etc are played directly through the soundcard to the listeners. This creates some pretty awful feedback as we can all hear ourselves and gun sounds.

Here's what I've tried:

  • -Installing the latest windows 8 sound driver (This right here
    -uninstalling and reinstalling the dolby advanced audio V2 driver, no changes with or without it so its probably unrelated.
    -Disabling/renabling the stereomix device, There were no changes
    -disabling the microphone, got rid of feedback but obviously she speak.
She's using an external mic that connects through the mic and headphone jacks, but the problem persists even with the laptop mic.

We've been trying to fix this for months, so please if anyone has any ideas I'd love to hear from you.

Jul 4, 2012

I've checked for open mics in recording devices. I haven't disabled the sound card directly in device manager, I think i'll try that next. As for acoustic echo cancellation I wasn't even aware there was an HD audio manager. There's nothing like that open in the system tray anyway, it's only ever dolby.


Feb 21, 2015
I was getting a terrible echo on my Lenovo G50 AMD A8 laptop when trying to record some internet video.
Control Panel -> Sound -> Recording Tab (only thing there is Microphone \n Conexant Smart Audio HD \n Default Device)
Properties Button -> Advanced Tab -> Unclick Enable Audio Enhancements checkbox
Subsequent recording sound okay. I had noticed Spotify on this laptop also sounded awful and bizarre, later I will check that to see if it is related.
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