Solved! The "Troubleshoot sound problems" of Windows solved my problem... well kind of...

Jun 2, 2020
My headphones worked well until a morning, when turning on my computer, they decided to be loud... too loud.

My volume settings are very low, and yet I can hear this background noise that speaker make when the volume settings are off the chart. And when my favorite streamer begin to scream, the sound actually break. I look everywhere and try to figure it out on my own: sounds settings, drivers, troubleshooter...

Wait, when I launch the troubleshooter, the sound is back to normal! What a miracle! It actually work!

But the troubleshooter tells me that my driver might be the problem, and I don't quite believe that since it make me try a sound and it sounds perfect. I close the troubleshooter and... the sound is blasting again.

The troubleshooter is obviously doing something, enabling or disabling something that make my problem go away, but I don't know what. One temporary solution is to open the troubleshooter and leave it open at all time, but I'd like to figure it out.

My headphones are cheap Chinese headset with a mic plugged in 3.5mm. My driver is Realtek and I am on Windows 10.

If you need more info please ask me as many question as you'd like.
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