Things needed to create an application/Website with ASP.NET (Any Versions) that could perform (Add/Edit/Delete/Search) Record?


Jun 15, 2015

I'm new to ASP.NET Web forms creation especially with MVC Implementation with Visual Studio Express and I found out that I can't Just drag and drop form controls in it. Just like in windows form creation with VB.NET and C#.NET,

My Question is, What are the other things should I know before I could create a simple website that could perform ADD/EDIT/DELETE/SEARCH Record with ASP.NET and if you could recommend good tutorial that is not confusing that would be great!

What I currently know were the following:
1. VB.NET and C#.NET Windows Form Creation
2. Object Oriented Programming with these two languages (Class Instantation, Function, Subroutines, etc..)
3. Database Schema and Table Creation, Stored Procedure Creation with ADD,EDIT,DELETE,SEARCH, VIEW Record.
4. Basic HTML, CSS for webpages

Appreciate your help!