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  1. haoumalik

    Question Need help finding a solution to this exercise. please

    Write a C program which performs the multiplication of a single -dimensional array by a given value alpha (an integer) and returns the average value of the resulting array. The array's size and its integer elements as well as alpha are provided by a user via the keyboard. The initial array. the...
  2. A

    Why does C not have run time errors?

    Disclaimer: I am a total noob in C, and don't have all too much experience in computer science in general (about 1 year). I come from a background in Java and Python, and when I started learning C, I noticed something I found odd. Why does C not give run time errors, even if I intentionally add...
  3. L

    Hello guys im new to coding with a question thats been bugging me

    How would I make php work in a 1 page website?
  4. T

    What is the best daily routine to learn C#?

    besides that i want to know: -what is a good book for a beginner -the time it will take me i also have some more questions: -what kind of programs can i make in c#? -can i make remote controlled stuff in c#? i thought about this: downloading a max 140 lines of code program and messing with...
  5. T

    I need help with choosing a coding language to learn.

    Hey, person, I'd like to learn how to code. Where do I start? This would be my 2nd programming language i learn, the first was GML, it's not used outside of GMS. GMS is for games only, i'd like to make programs I want a really easy to learn and useful language, i am 13 and i am looking to make...
  6. A

    How to use a Java library?

    So I got into Java and I know all the stuff about classes, interfaces, methods, abstract methods, modifiers, control statements, variables, etc. I got IntelliJ and started a new project to test out and explore LWJGL and how to use it. I downloaded the library, and copied and pasted the sample...
  7. L

    Could you please help me write a cpp code for an assignment I have in school for juice

    It's for a program I had to write which is calculating the total cost of juice orders ... Apple($4)pineapple($6) and orange juice ($8)with extra ice if needed by customers ($1)
  8. Y

    Code Hs is it even

    alue is even or odd. The isEven function should not print anything out or return a number. It should only take in a number and return a boolean. For example, if you made a call like var isEvenNumber = isEven(4); isEvenNumber should have the value true. Once you’ve written this function, write...
  9. S

    How to take user input of one form and assign it to a variable in another form in java?

    i have a textfield to get user input in my form 1.i want to get the text user inputs into that textfield from that form and assign it to a variable in form2. is this possible?
  10. S

    How to compare user input in a jTextfield with data in the database? (im using java & php)

    This is an assignment and so far this is what i have done: on this button click i want to compare user input on the textfield with the data in my database.this is my code but nothing is happening when i run it and i cant find any mistakes in this. i have been trying to figure it out for hours...
  11. S

    How to center align all elements inside a jframe to center in java?

    Im making a ATM enter PIN screen using java.i have written the code to make it appear full screen when i run it but all the other elements such as the jtextfield,labels and buttons are still at the top left corner of the screen.How can i get them all to the center of my screen? .
  12. S

    Java code to separately enter numbers using the same set of jbuttons?

    i have two textfields to enter pin and account number. i will be entering these numbers using the pin pad i have made using jbuttons. but im only able to enter to one there some code to distinguish between the 2 on mouse click on to the relevant textfield input number...
  13. J

    C++ Help on Linked List

    So i wrote a program which take 2 linked lists and merges them but for some reason it does not work!!!! it gets complied 0 ERRORS 0 WARNINGS but for some reason (logical i think) it does not merge properly #include <iostream> #include <iomanip> #include <conio.h> using namespace std; class...
  14. UnforgivenGamer

    Need Java Programming Help

    Hey guys. I usually use this website for computer hardware research, however I was wondering if anyone out there could help me with a problem I'm having. I'm in a computer science class in college and I can't figure out how to write this program in Java. I've tried many things, however nothing...
  15. T

    Best language for hardware monitoring software

    I'm doing a computer science A level in school and our coursework is to create a programming project of our choice. I've decided I would like to try and create a hardware monitoring software similar to msi afterburner or nzxt cam. I was wandering which language would be best for something like...
  16. M

    Playing a MP3 audio file in C# Console App

    Hi guys I am making a program where I wan to play a MP3 file as soon as the program executes can anybody explain me how to do so ???
  17. M

    How to make a C# console app terminate on the press of the "Esc" Button

    hi Guys I was watching a video on YouTube from a channel called Barnacules Nerdgasm about how to make a Prank software the problem is that there is a piece of code the tells the app to close when ever a key then enter is pressed which is "Console.Read();" please correct me if I am wrong so after...
  18. M

    Programming Language Artificial Intelligence

    What are the advantages and the drawbacks of using java for artificial intelligence?
  19. C

    Which Programming Language Should I Learn First As A Beginner

    First of all I don't know is this the right section to talk so if its wrong please excuse me.:hum: So the question is,I'd like to be a Web Developer & I like the game development as well.Lets say its just a side quest.So as a beginner which programming language should I learn first?■ Python...
  20. A

    what is any good programming to start learning for first timer??

    what is any good programming to start learning for first timer?? i have good mathematics,physics,chemistry and i ended my school with perfect grades.(never learned english at school). what is any programming language for start?and i am very fast learner generaly and i can i do lots mathematics...
  21. a cooperator

    Ruby programming language course is reasonable for $10?

    Hi, I was notified to purchase Ruby programming language- learning Course for $10 Only. I don't want to state the name of website from which I was notified since I am afraid this would violent the terms of using your forum. This course will learn me the Ruby Programming From Scratch : No...
  22. J

    Can you program in just C#?

    I was wondering can you program in just c# or does it have to be c# wpf, C# consol, etc.
  23. D

    Need a good laptop!

    Hi I need a laptop for around $600 that can do Programming, university stuff and Web browsing! I can stretch the budget to $700 but no more than that please! Thanks
  24. K

    Things needed to create an application/Website with ASP.NET (Any Versions) that could perform (Add/Edit/Delete/Search) Record?

    Hi, I'm new to ASP.NET Web forms creation especially with MVC Implementation with Visual Studio Express and I found out that I can't Just drag and drop form controls in it. Just like in windows form creation with VB.NET and C#.NET, My Question is, What are the other things should I know...
  25. G

    Anybody good in easy 68k assembly?

    Read a LETTER (i.e. as a character input and not as numeric input from the keyboard. It must be in the range 0-6. All other input must be ignored. Once read, the letter must be printed on the terminal in so called 'banner' format. When an '1' is typed, the following "A" equivalent is printed...
  26. T

    Searching for simulation software

    Hello I'm searching for a free or cheap simulation software that can let me make a 3D model of a building and lets me for example test what happens if I roll a ball down the stairs of the building(where the ball reaches at the end and its path). Also if no such software exist I'd like to know...
  27. N

    Reading Programming Languages Docs

    is/are there any standards or general ways or rules to read programming languages documentations? Is learning back-Naur form will do any good in this? Thanks
  28. M

    Good C-programming resources for beginner

    Hello everybody. I've just started studied C programming language. And I encountered with some problems in compilation. Maybe you'd recommend to me some It-resources which contains examples of correct C code. Examples which are demonstrated by and etc. is too...
  29. T

    Gaming laptop under 1000$

    I know this will be one hidden gem to find but anything helps! Post links to any laptops that you may suggest. Also save your breath on giving me a rant about building a pc... Things that I would like: Under 1000$ Intel i5/i7 processor Nvidia 860m or 960m 15.6 or 17.3 inch screen Lightweight...
  30. joe904

    PHP Code Will Not Stay Hidden... Please Help!!!

    I am unable to figure this issue out and it is driving me up a wall. I am trying to write code for a members only area for my webpage, but the PHP code that I am using keeps showing when I go to the page. 1) I originally saved the file as a .PHP, and *NOT* an HTML. 2) I have tried restarting...
  31. N

    Quries About Software Engineering

    Hello, I am little curious. I live in Karachi,Pakistan and Recently Passed my Matriculation (10th standard) With A+ Grade. I am Acutely interested in Software Engineering.. Software Engineering Is rapidly growing Field now, it is the most demanded Field and also has a really bright Future in...
  32. J

    Best Animating Tools And How To Learn Them?

    Hello! So I am learning how to code now and I was wondering what the best animating tools are and how to learn them? I need something to make 8bit characters and backgrounds to try to make some basic games. I list of about 5-10 would be great! I am a beginner so I would need a guide that starts...
  33. S

    Looking for a software to practice c++ programing language in windows 7 64 bit

    please help, code blocks doesnt run the program after typing anything.
  34. S

    Does the software Code Blocks work in Windows 7 64 bit

    i went to their site and downloaded one.but when i try to compile and run nothing there a way to fix this.please help
  35. D

    Help with Basic Python Coding

    Hello, i am a beginner programer using python, how can i make python understand multiple passwords, here is an example of what i mean: password = input ("Enter Password to " \ "enter terminal: ") if password == "Cyndi": -------here is where i need it to understand...
  36. S

    Macbook air or pro

    Hi , I am a Computer Science student , I want to buy a laptop , basically for reading , writing , programming , Internet browsing and few movies and music . Please suggest me whether i should go for macbook air or pro .
  37. X

    programming for Mac OS X and Windows?!

    Hey Guys! I need some help choosing a programming language and a program for my exam's project. I would like to program a piece software, for both Windows and Mac OS X. But I do not know, what language or program I should. So do you have any suggestions?! However it cannot be HTML or CSS...
  38. W

    Which Programming Language for OS

    Hello guys i wanna know which programming language is the best for creating OS like C, C++ or c# or any other.

    Where to start

    So I'm looking to dip my legs into programming/coding to see if I enjoy it So i'm wondering where to start on this. So I want to know what type of programming has to go into making games. To name a few examples would be, fire emblem awakening, skyrim , skullgirls, and others. So I don't know...
  40. Z_GAB_X

    Where to learn C# online for free?

    I want to learn C#, but i don't know where
  41. V

    problem with c program

    Hey I have a problem with this program #include <stdio.h> int main( void ) { char password; password = NULL; int n; n = 1; while (n != 6) { printf("Enter the password. \n"); scanf("%d", password); if (password = "default") { printf("It was a correct password \n"); }...
  42. G

    Switch Statement for Strings in C

    So I'm new to coding and have been trying to learn C as a base first language. I've hit a block when it comes to the way C handles strings. For example, I tried to write a very simple program that asks the user what shape they're trying to calculate the area for, and then give back the result...
  43. D

    Ruby Programming language literature

    Hey guys, I am interested in learning how to program in Ruby for computer security. What book(s) do you recommend? Much appreciated!
  44. T

    Can u guys say me the uses of java programming language

    i want to learn java before that i want to know the uses of java
  45. T

    Uses of the ruby programming language

    Can u guys say me the uses of ruby programming language
  46. B

    users of toms hardware i need your help!

    Hey everyone. I'm heading out to college this year and I don't know what I need to buy. I'm going in for computer science and business. I also want to learn and do some game development. I was thinking maybe a gaming labtop. I need one with good battery life like the razer edge. I read that it...
  47. arpitsri

    Why there are different output for the following two same program in C++

    I mean that the following codes should have the same output, but a change of line is giving a whole different output. I'm using Turbo C++ compiler, I know that these codes are outdated but in my exams only these are going to come. Code 1 #include<iostream.h> #include<conio.h> void main()...
  48. D

    How do you learn a programming language fast

    I want to learn how to programming in C/C++ but u want to learn how to do is at a decent speed. Any suggestions, Thanks
  49. seperoph

    Good Programming Language For a absolute Beginner?

    I am considering the idea of learning a programming language between now and when I enter college. I have absolutly no programming experience what so ever. And i was wondering which would be the best language for me to learn since i have no experience what so ever. I will be starting my college...
  50. ivideo1011

    How to make an Android App?

    I want to create an Android app, but I can't find any updated tutorials. Is there a simple tutorial that I could use? I'm really interested in developing apps, I even started taking Java classes because of it. I just don't know where to start.
  51. M

    create a program that takes a big integer and prints the largest digit in that integer

    write a c++ program that takes a large number and prints the largest integer within that large number
  52. C

    First programming language

    I m 15 years old and I would love to get into programming.I already know html and CSS.I have a mac computer so I want to make apps for osx and iOS.Which programming language i should learn first?
  53. Leveland

    Medium to Hard programming language?

    I have an obsession to coding and programming, which is my motivation of learning programming languages. I have a bit of jumpstart, the first time i was into this was the basic commands of Windows CMD/Command Prompt. Then i was playing terminal-type games, like Hack RUN, etc. After that i...
  54. ECaarnage

    First Programming Language to Learn?

    I would like to learn a programming language as to get an idea of how interested I am in that area to see whether I would follow it carer wise. I am really not sure which programming language to learn first. This thread might be in the wrong place but feel free to move it if it is. Responses...
  55. F

    Looping through access datatables and compare values to get conflicting data

    i have a table in access containing data like: PaperID--School--PaperID---PaperTitle--Noofstudents---Duration---ListofModules paper 1---SEG----EG1832---Mechanics---- 286----1.5(hrs)---EG1832 paper 2---SEG----EG1833---ElectricalPrinc--375--1.5 -------EG1833 EG1952 EG1903 another table with...
  56. S

    programming language and other basics

    before I start, I wanna make my present situation clear. i know nothing about programming and languages, but I am still interested in learning programming. I have purpose of learning it clear, as i am interested in web design, and video game design but I dont know which languages will...
  57. J

    SMTP MIME Encoding

    I'm building an application using a proprietary programming language that is similar to C. The programming language includes a built in send mail function, however it is very limited. I am limited to string sizes of 65535 characters by the language itself. In addition the function does not...
  58. M

    My Start to Programming

    Good day all! My name is Marco, age 14. I dream to be a programmer and to create a programming language myself. But to start things first, which programming language should I "LEARN" First? I know HTML (A bit), that's everything I've got. But I really need to know which programming language...
  59. K

    Which programming language should i learn?

    I have passed 12th. Now I want to learn a programming language which is useful in college & in future also... Which should I learn JAVA or HTML or C/C++ ?? I have a little knowledge of C. which language is useful for android & iphone/ipad application & making pc games?? Is Html require for...
  60. D

    need supports and help from a liberal and loving minds

    i am a self learning software engineer... and i need help from someone who can take me through the basics and intermediate of the subject...including programming language like python or c or java just to cushion my learning experience... Thanks...Lanre