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  1. skyline4727

    C++, C#, Java, and Python

    I'm a computer science major and I'm currently learning C++. I would like to get into video game design and mobile app development so I want to learn Python since I heard a lot of games use python and Java is used in mobile devices. I also want to learn C# for Windows development. Since both C++...
  2. C

    Subtitle creator program?

    is there a program out that can make subtitles for a raw foreign video?
  3. G

    Programming languages to build online Image Editing web application?

    Hi, I'm a programming newbie. My first project in mind is an online image editing web application, such as Picmonkey or Photoshop Express Editor, but less complex. I would like to know which programming languages will best suit what I aim on developing. Languages that are flexible and...
  4. L

    Suggestion for books.

    Hey, am pursuing my graduation in Information technology.. so, computer languages are gonna be my career base.. Now, I'm starting to learn C language. Will follow it by C++, then Java and eventually C#.. So, can you guys suggest me some books that would be good for learning C and java? Am...
  5. L

    Difference between void main() and main()

    Hey, First of all, am a noob in programming.. Am just starting to learn.. Now, I use Dennis Ritchie's book "the c programming language" as reference for learning the C language... The examples he gave for running the hello world program and many many others all start with main() and that works...
  6. P

    What language to learn?

    Hi guys, I'm planning to make a FPS first person shooter game for the PC and i'd like to know which programming language/languages i need top learn in order to do so. I'm going to be using a game engine although i'm not sure which one (But it's going to have to be free), so any suggestions to...
  7. Blorp Kola

    Starting with Python

    Hey guys, I have recently started learning python in school at GCSE level. I would like to get into programming and start to put time into it outside of school and I was wondering if anyone here knew any decent books. I have never learnt a programming language before so it need to be a book...
  8. E

    Which programming language should I learn first?

    Before I describe my dilemma, let me first give a little background info.To start, let me just say that even though I am a beginner in programming, I still know a couple of things here and there. My first experience in learning how to program was during my sophomore year of high school, when I...
  9. F

    What programming language should I learned for interacting touch devic

    Hello Guys, Im 2nd year Electronics engg student, Im building a hardware setup that consist of a frame which can be hook up with any LCD,and when I touch any area of LCD screen, It would generate X and Y coordinates in digital format, But I dont know how I feed these inputs to PC, and how I...
  10. G

    Visual BASIC Checkboxes

    I am trying to make a multiple choice quiz in Visual BASIC and I am in need of the code needed to make one checkbox the correct one and tyhe other 3 register as incorrect if the player chooses it. It would be helpful to have a score counter as well. I am reletaviely new to VB, it is my first...
  11. shattered space


    So I convinced my high school principal to allow me to learn a programming language during my second hour because I finished a semester online course in one marking period. My question is what is the best C/C++ book you've read? Please also explain why it was the best. I'm not talking about an...
  12. I

    What a laptop to buy?

    Hello, I just wanna ask if what laptop to buy, I just need it to review some of programming knowledge. I need laptop where I can study SAP, SQL, and other programming language, I want to install also photoshop, and autocad. But my budget is limited maximum of c$700. I'm. Hoping for your help...
  13. N

    Recommended programming language to build a simple network tool

    Hello, I am interested in building a simple application that uses DOS command-like such as PING, TRACERT, etc. Possibly including IP range scan and similar networking utilities. I wrote a DOS script that allow me to do those basic functions, but I would like to make a GUI-based tool. There...
  14. Billbob

    Beginners question about game programming

    Hey, I am just learning to program. I've watched some tutorials for programming in java and c++ and I want to know what programming language I should use for game development. Im very new to the programming scene and want to know which programming language is best for game development. Also, are...
  15. I

    C & C++

    i don't know if here is the best place to ask but i'm too lazy to register another account on another forum. i'm kind of reluctant to ask a programming question on a site that has "Hardware" on its name. lol anywho, here goes. currently, what they teach me at school is C. still basic stuff...
  16. razercultmember1

    First programming language?

    I have zero experience in programming. Absolutely zero. So what programs would I need to download and exactly which programming language should I learn? I've heard its best to start from the most basic like BASIC or C but I dunno :\ Thanks guys!
  17. alexhicks22

    Good programming language to learn?

    Im wanting to learn a programming language in my spare time. In college i have kind of learnt c# but not very indepth. Any ideas what language i should learn? preferabble object oriented. Thanks!
  18. ElectroGoofy

    Good Programming Language For a Beginner?

    Hello, all :) I am considering the idea of learning a programming language between now and when I enter college. I have pretty much no experience programming, other than some copy-and-paste scripting in a game I used to play. I also tried to learn C++ when I was 10-12... sorta lost interest in...
  19. R

    Solved! Laptop view

    Hello, i want to buy a laptop can u suggest me that which processor will run my all programming language
  20. T

    Which Programming Language?!

    Hi, I'm looking for a programming language to start with. I have used Delphi 2007 and have found it simple and efficient. However, I have seen many application extension(dll) files in the directories of some great programs and games I've used, named msvcpxx or msvcrxx. Does it mean that these...
  21. G

    New TiVo Application Platform Opens Its Doors to Third Par..

    Archived from groups: (More info?) About the HME Developer Challenge HME is the code name for TiVo's powerful, open platform. HME allows developers to build exciting, new applications for broadband-connected TiVo Series2 using the JavaT...
  22. G

    New TiVo Application Platform Opens Its Doors to Third Par..

    Archived from groups: (More info?) About the HME Developer Challenge HME is the code name for TiVo's powerful, open platform. HME allows developers to build exciting, new applications for broadband-connected TiVo Series2 using the JavaT...
  23. C

    Hacking Car Stereos

    I have quite a few questions about hacking a car stereo system (you know the thing you put your cds into). If you have any sites i could use, please send em over. Do car stereos have memory, and how do they operate MP3s? What programming language is used to operate the car stereos, or more of...