Thinkpad Edge E520 - No Screen after replacing DC in



Hey there guys,

I've been having a stack load of trouble with this laptop. I loved it when it was working but the last few months have been incredibly frustrating.

It started with the yellow DC in plug slowly breaking, it then wouldn't accept the charger and I couldn't use the laptop. I was busy at the time so sent it away to be repaired, the repair company called me and asked if I also wanted the screen replaced. I was pretty shocked as it was fine before I sent it and I packaged it really really well. I contacted the courier company and they said they'd need to inspect it to see if I can make a claim or not, so I paid the $50 "inspection fee" from the repair company and it was then picked up. I got a call a few days later saying the courier company wouldn't accept fault as they think it was already broken. Which is complete BS. I KNOW it wasn't broken. So they send it back to me. I now am $50 + postage down and have a laptop which needs even more repairs.

Fast forward to this week, I end up purchasing a new DC in card and putting that in myself. Put it all back together and everything looks good. Plug in the charger, push power, everything is going good. I can hear the fans spin up, the hard drive spins up, I'm feeling pretty excited (screen is still broken, I wanted to see if it powered up fine before spending money on replacing that). There is nothing at all showing up on the screen, not even back light. I think it may just be the screen so plug in the HDMI and VGA cables to my desktop monitor and try starting in various ways to get it to show up. Nothing.

There is no beeps on start up. Only beep is when plugging/unplugging the power cord.

Does anybody have any other ideas as to what I should try? I just pulled apart and double checked all connections.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Bevan Simpson

Jul 8, 2013

Nope. I hadn't had any issues with posting items before, now I take a picture of each item before I send it off and to show how it was packed.
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