This laptop worth it?

Platinum Era

Jul 22, 2013
What do you guys think of this laptop?

I'm looking to replace a much older Samsung R522 (2009 model) with a newer laptop with either a Richland APU, or i5/i7 Ivy and Haswell.
The laptop will be used for the usual student stuff (MS office), video/entertainment and some light gaming (Indie and older games)

This APU looks attratctive, the CPU is pretty great and the on board GPU can be used for my purposes, the RAM is also clocked at 1866 which should help to APU's graphical performance. It also have a attractive price of 399,99$(down from 699,99$)

The things bugging me are the craptastic resolution of 1366x768, unlisted battery life, the glossy fingerprint loving finish and how hot the laptop will get.

I'm in no rush to get a new laptop and I was willing to wait till my Samsung died or by December (New Haswells and more Ivy price cuts) but the deal did catch my eye.