Which laptop is better?

Platinum Era

Jul 22, 2013

I'm looking to replace a much older Samsung R522 (2009 model) with a newer laptop. The new laptop will be used for the regular student stuff (MS office and such), video/entertainment and some light gaming (Indie and older games)

The AMD Pavillion comes whit a the A10-5750m APU, 8GB of 1866mhz Ram which will help the APU and has a attractive price of 399,99$
The Pavillion does look like it has a lower quality of craftsmanship and have a fingerprint loving glossy finish,

The AMD Envy has the exact same specs but has a 8750m (DDR3 variant sadly) running instead of the APU's 8650G (too bad they don't run in crossfire), it has a nice metal finish and looks to be better build. It's listed as 629,99$.

The Intel Envy comes with the much better i5-3230m and the strongest GPU, a gt 740m, the other specs are the same. Listed for 650$

And the Intel Pavillion has the same i5 as the aforementioned Envy, a weaker HD 8670m but is a 17.3" laptop which gives it a 1600x900 resolution, the other specs are the same. Listed as 699,99$

I hate that 3 have the craptastic resolution of 1366x768, a resolution that should have been obsolete by now

My concerns are battery life and temperatures.

I'm in no rush to get a new laptop and I was willing to wait till my Samsung died or by December (New Haswells and more Ivy price cuts)

*If you are going to recommend a laptop it has to be from Futureshop.ca/Bestbuy.ca