to remove master password

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Aug 13, 2015
Some time ago I thought it would be safe if I put a master password on my computer so I wouldn't have to remember passwords for all my programs. I forgot to write down that password and now I can not remove it. Every time I go to do anything it comes up to put in my master password. Please I hope you can help me. Debby

Shaun o

One of our Human pit falls, forgetting things.

Sadly if it`s a password you put in to protect all of your data and files of your computer, or laptop if it goes Walkie s due to some light fingered larry, or thief. We cannot help you at all.

Its one of the sort of no no questions to reveal or answer a way to do it.
Forgive me there, but do understand.
Because simply we do not know if you are the person for example who may of stole it.
And no way to verify you are the true owner.
Remembering that the password is there for such a situation.
I`m afraid it`s down to you to find a solution or answer.
As many will tell you here on Toms forums.

Telling someone how to navigate security, and passwords is a no no.
Not open for further replies.