Jul 9, 2018
I trusted this random named antivirus called total protection for 5 users for Mac. I chose the 2 year plan and bought the product. When I received the product they sent me 3 PC users. When I tried to activate it I got one user with total protection. All other additions including my iphone have "Upgrade to unlock Total Protection" the upgrade costs another $99. This is yet another Digital River SCAM. Had I upgraded I would have been auto drafted the list cost of the program which is something like $64 per year plus the $99 per year for the cloud. Essentailly when you upgrade you are buying an entirely different licence rendoring the first purchase through Toms website worthless.

After the install on my iPhone the app opened and there are three links on just the first page to upgrade. The odd thing is that all the protections are there, Digital River just wants to sell a 99 per year subscription b/c they don't like that they sold their services for a discount. What happens is if you upgrade its essentially paying for the product twice.

So shame on Tom's guide for pushing this random virus product which doesn't even register on your 2018 Anti-virus top list. You push this product, provide a link for Total protection of 5 mac seats and Kaspersky sends a 3 user PC version that doesn't include iphones. It does protect iPhones but not without 3-5 prompts per screen saying "For total protection please upgrade" . The issue I have found with Digital River is they do this bait and switch all the time. The hitch is if you upgrade, its a whole new product, essentailly making the purchase you made through Tom's Guide for 5 users worthless. The purchase I made through Tom's guide only protected 3 pc's even though the offer clearly shows 5 Macs for 1-3 years. Once you purchase the product sent is 3 pc users. So iphone users and also when you go to activate your second Mac you are SOL. So you get tricked into upgrading.. The kicker is when it comes to renewal time Digital River charges you for the original price (not the Tom's guide discount) for your first worthless product plus the additional 99 per year upgrade. So you essentially pay for the product twice.

Digital River has done this to me through two different products. One is Avast.... I'm assuming Kaspersky is just another marketing version of Avast. Avast prompted me for so many upgrades I spend over $245 per year which was paying for the product 3 times.... essentially paying for a while new copy on every machine even though it says its a 5 user licence. The big thing is Digital River keeps charging you the list price of the first purchase plus all the upgrades every single year. I realized over 3 years Digital River had charged me over $1,000 for Avast.

Toms Guide you have such a great reputation. Why ruin it with this crap? This offer is a scam. I paid for it and caught it only b/c I had been scammed by them before. I will never trust Tom's Guide offers again. Why ruin your reputation on such a random anti-virus scam?


Do not understand:

Your intent was to purchase for 5 Macs, received licensing for 3 PCs', and installed that on PC's anyway...?

And also installed the AV on iPhones which means, to me at least, that you did incur charges for additional installs to protect Apple devices.

Seems to be more of a misunderstanding than a scam.
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