Toshiba laptop charger problems


Sep 21, 2015
Hi there,

This morning I got a new power cable as my old one broke stopped working. At First I thought that my new cable was broken or the wrong type as I have to turn/adjust/wiggle to have it correct so it charges. If it is a fractional out of place it doesn't connect. I figured that it simply must be the cables fault. Then I pondered the idea that maybe it is the laptop instead and here why:

I'll take you right back to the beginning to give you all the information. Originally I had the original Toshiba charger, but left it in a hotel while working in Australia. No problem I thought and picked up a universal charger from a local pc shop. And this worked for ages almost 4 years. A couple of weeks ago the little universal adapter part between the cable and the laptop stopped working. I narrowed it down to this part alone by trying out the spare little universal charger bits in other laptops and they worked.
So I went to a local pc repares shop and the man in the shop gave me an adapter between the universal charger (using a different laptop part) and the laptop as a short term measure. It worked although it was temperamental and had to be wiggled and fiddled with to get it to work - just like what I'm doing now.

Maybe the charger that I have just got is wrong?

I'll appreciate any help/guidance.
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