toshiba no display fans on, possible motherboard?


Nov 20, 2016
I have a Toshiba satellite l775d-s7340 part no psk40u-00g00p and the laptop will not full power on. I have tried the battery pull and press power button, and have tried numberous times reseating the ram and have even tried ram from another laptop I have(same type and size). I have tore is down and inspected the ribbon to the screen and it is good. what the laptop is doing exactly is when you turn it on, the battery light turns on, the fans come on and the hard drive spins up and then stops. the light for hard drive activity doesn't light up but it just sits with no display at all and just the power and battery light are lit with the fans on. any help would be appreciated
It may well not be the whole laptop but the display that is the issue.

Try, while it is off, connecting an external monitor. Then turn on the external monitor and finally turn on the laptop. Can you see things on the external monitor? If yes, then the attached display is the issue. Since you say the ribbon cable is fine, then you may well have to replace the actual display.

Now if you can't see anything even on the external monitor, then your graphics card/GPU may be shot. This would require it be replaced, and possibly the motherboard.

NOTE: If the device is still under warranty, contact the manufacturer about a repair or replacement.