Toshiba Qosmio randomly shuts down

Aug 11, 2018
I have a 5 year old Toshiba Qosmio gaming laptop. It runs Windows 7.

It’s just recently started shutting down randomly. No BSOD or error logs. You can always restart right away by hitting the power button and it starts up again like nothing happened.

Things I’ve done already:

- replaced the battery
- replaced the thermal paste on CPU and GPU
- cleaned the fans and heat sinks
- checked the temps. Logs show no overheating concerns. Always within middle of regular temp ranges (40 - 50C).
- Updated all drivers.

It only seems to shut down when plugged in. If it’s unplugged and running on battery it works fine. When you plug it back in it will probably shut down again shortly afterwards. Usually within 5 minutes.

It seems to do it most often when running games or Google Chrome. It has crashed doing pretty minor things, like using Windows explorer. It doesn’t randomly crash when not in use. Definitely needs some kind of processing load.

I need help isolating the problem. I have three potential culprits:

- Display driver. Always had trouble with the drivers. It would always infrequently crash and recover and I can’t use sleep or hibernate mode because the screen would never come back on. Recently updated, but I tried rolling back to the original driver with no changes.

It also seems that it won’t shut down if I disable the NViDIA display driver and just run on the windows default.

- Power brick. Voltage is always fine at 19.5v but I have no clue if this is dying. You’d think if this was the culprit and it was cutting out it would switch over to battery power...

- Internal power connection / MB isssue. This is what I’m scared the problem is. Only reason I don’t think so is because I can make the computer work perfectly on battery or without the display driver. You’d think if I had a loose connection it would always have the same problem regardless.

How can I isolate the problem from here? I don’t want to buy a new power brick unless I know it’s th culprit.
Aug 11, 2018
Why do you say that and how can I test it? The GPU isn’t overheating and I have no dots or lines that would incidate a damaged GPU.

The drivers have always given me trouble, but the computer has never randomly shut down from a driver failure.

I also turned off auto-restart to see if I would get an error message or blue screen. Nothing. Just dies.

I’m definiely leaning towards a power related problem. But I have no idea how to figure out which individual component is the problem.

The weird part is that other than this shutdown issue, the computer works perfectly...



You said you had issues with the video card and it does not shut down if you disable the nVidia card. Issues with drivers crashing can easily be a hardware issue. Did you try a clean Windows setup or a factory restore?
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