Toshiba Satellite c660 won't start


Nov 24, 2014
Hi Please can someone help!

I left my lap top for a week or so, and when I came back to it the power lead had stopped working, and the PC would not boot up. I bought a new lead (to be fair I don't think it is a tosh one), but after I plugged it in, the orange light went on, the screen came on for a second and then switched off. I tried a couple of times, still the same. I thought the battery must have gone completely flat so left it over night. When I tried next morning the light was green (which I think means the battery is charged,) but the green light was stuttering, not a constant. When I tried again to start the machine it locked into a green light flashing mode and will not do anything now. I have tried the holding 0 down, and removing the batt and leaving it for 15 mins. still not starting??

Any ideas where to go from here please?


Jul 19, 2009

Why hold 0 down?

One thing you can try is take the battery out, and make sure the AC adapter is not connected to the laptop. Press the power button around 10 times, and on the 10th time hold it down for about 30 seconds then let go, hook the AC adapter up to the wall outlet and to the laptop (leave the battery out for now) and try powering it on.