Toshiba won't connect to WiFi

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Nov 7, 2016
Hi, I hope someone can help.
So, I have a Toshiba satellite c655, about 4-5 years old, and it will no longer connect to WiFi. I've read several of these threads, but none seem to be quite like my problem.

Here's the situation, and let me preface this by saying I am not very computer savvy-

This started a few months ago after my computer automatically updated to Windows 10 (not by my choice, it just did it one night). So, the computer will recognize available networks, and it still displays a WiFi symbol (not the LAN symbol), but when I try to connect to a network it just sits there "connecting" and doesn't do anything, and that's even if it allows me to try to connect which isn't every time; sometimes it won't even let me click the WiFi to turn on, but I know the WiFi on/off (F8?) works, so that's not the problem.

After starting the computer and signing in to the home screen, several error messages (system config?) pop up, saying certain files are missing, and I should try to reinstall them. These files are listed as u.DLL files, some say parsing error, and some that just look like alien script (random symbols to my non-savvy self).
So, here's the really weird part. When these messages first started coming up, I was still able to connect to a network and get on the internet, three times I think, but nothing since. Also, the same messages come up when I try to look in the control panel for network connection settings, so I can't even access a few of the programs in control panel.

Further, when I do turn the laptop on, it just goes straight to the user login screen, and I don't see the option to go to the boot menu (F2?) anymore. Another anomaly that has coincided with all this (not sure if it's related) is that I can't use the scroll function on the touchpad anymore, nor can I find the option to adjust this setting in the mouse and other devices portion of the control panel.

Anyway, I hope I've provided enough info for someone to help me solve this puzzle, because I could really, I mean REALLY, use my laptop right now; a smartphone is nice, but just not enough for what I need. Unfortunately, I can't afford to take it to a repair shop right now either, unless it's like free-$5 because it's possibly an easy fix.

Well, thank you for reading my long-winded description. I greatly appreciate any advice and/or help!


Tim B


Nov 7, 2016

Hi, thanks for the reply. No, I have not reset. Actually, I'm not sure how to do that. Any pointers? Thanks!


Mar 25, 2016
best option is to do a fresh install of either what windows you had or go with win 10 before it auto updated to win 10 as. you cannot tell what files it replaced or corrupted. most important backup your files etc videos pics music games etc onto another hdd or usb.
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