Tosiba C855D-S5320 Problem


Jan 25, 2013
I purchased mine yesterday. I has Windows 8 on it so I played around with Windows 8, trying to learn how it works compared to Windows 7. I barely used it, never going into any of the BIOS, settings or anything. I turned the computer off and this morning when I came in to use it I had a problem. I is asking for a password to the BIOS menu. "I never went into the BIOS"!!!!! I can not get past this at all. I called tech support and they said I set a password (which I did not). Tech support said I would have to send it back in to them and they would have to remove the battery from the motherboard to reset it. I JUST BOUGHT THE DARN THING YESTERDAY!!!!!! This is very disappointing. I bought it because I needed it, to used daily, not to send it back and wait for them to fix my brand new laptop. I am VERY angry about this. I am going to take it back where I purchased it and demand a new one.