Transfering Contacts from Storm to Droid


Oct 5, 2009
Hi, I have recently made the switch from the (horrible) blackberry storm 2 to the new droid. I would like to know how exactly I transfer my contacts, which are currently on my pc from the blackberry desktop manager, to my droid. My old storm, sadly, was not snyc'd with gmail beforehand. I also do not have the actually storm anymore, since I just switched it out at verizon today. Can someone help me move my contacts from my pc to my new phone? I'm very new at this, lol. Thank you kindly.

Mods, if this is in the wrong section I'm sorry. I am new to this forum.
You are in the right section; no worries. I'm not aware of any software out there that could make the conversion. However, you could stop back down to the cell phone store and see if they have your old storm yet. If they do, see if they'll transfer the contacts for you.