Question Transferring from Galaxy S6 to S10

Jul 13, 2021
So I’m kinda in a pickle here. I bought at Samsung Galaxy S10 from Back Market and is listed as a Sprint phone. However, I’ve been having issues getting it to work. IMEI # is ***. When I look that up that # online, it’s listed as Sprint. However, when moving my SIM card to the S10, it doesn’t take it, and when putting in a T-Mobile card in the phone, it doesn’t seem to recognize it at all. When taking it to the T-Mobile store, they have seemed unable to service it. When going into the network settings, only T-Mobile & AT&T seem to be selectable, not Sprint (I believe S10 was before the Sprint/T-Mobile merger). So, how can I use this phone with Sprint or T-Mobile?

Mod Edit: Probably not a good idea to actually list the IMEI number
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